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The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP Legal Software, our cloud partner, allows attorneys to simplify their IT, reduce overhead costs, and work from anywhere, anytime.

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Everything You Need to Run Your Law Firm

For over 30 years, LEAP has been the leader in legal cloud technology, setting the standard for law firms to maximize productivity and profitability. As a cloud-based legal practice productivity solution used by more than 60,000 legal professionals globally, LEAP is the only cloud solution to offer PCLaw | Time Matters users practice management, document assembly and management, legal publishing, and legal accounting for all common areas of law in one solution, for one price.

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Client Success Stories

Legal Cloud Software Resources for
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Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Legal Cloud Technology

Join us every Wednesday at 12 PM ET to discover why thousands of law firms are embracing cloud technology.


How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Legal Industry

Download this guide to learn how cloud technology streamlines operations and improves profitability.


The Benefits of Switching to LEAP Legal Software

See how the award-winning LEAP legal practice productivity solution can benefit law firms across all common areas of law.


Reduce Overhead and
Simplify IT

LEAP eliminates the need for an on-premises server. Connect all your law firm staff from anywhere, anytime, through a single, secure law firm database so that all your system maintenance, backups, and updates are done automatically without additional IT staff. Additionally, seamlessly integrate with leading business applications like Microsoft 365 to create a single version of truth.

Secure Your Firm
PCLaw software

PCLaw software


The LEAP Content Team utilize their legal knowledge and trusted resources to ensure that users have access to over 12K up-to-date legal forms for over 3K pre-built matter types for all common areas of law. After client information is entered into the matter, details auto-populate in forms to automate document and form creation. It can then be shared, viewed, edited, and saved securely from a desktop or a mobile device with the LEAP Mobile App for real-time collaboration with staff members, clients, and third parties.

Streamline Document Creation

Build a Mobile
Law Office

Utilize the power of cloud technology and access all matter-related details, including correspondence, documents, and updates, in real time from all iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets. Review, edit, and comment on files in court or on the go for seamless collaboration with staff members, clients, and third parties, regardless of where staff members work. Additionally, the LEAP Mobile App captures all time spent on these tasks and saves it directly to the corresponding electronic matter, so billable time is never missed.

Work Anywhere
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Easily Transition to LEAP


Schedule a LEAP Demo

Book a demonstration with a legal productivity specialist to see how the LEAP legal practice productivity solution can improve your law firm’s efficiency and profitability with practice management, document assembly and management, legal publishing, and legal accounting.

Seamlessly Transition Data

LEAP has the world’s only software built specifically to transition PCLaw and Time Matters data quickly and accurately, simplifying the process. Dedicated teams will migrate your data, including historical accounting transactions and correspondence, into LEAP.


Access Free, World-Class Training and Support

Receive best-in-class implementation, training, and support options available 24/7 at no additional cost. Through the LEAP User Portal, access LEAP Help Center, HelpDesk with 13-second online chat response times, LEAP University training courses, and more.