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Customizable law practice
management software

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  • Fully customize your own workflows, precedents, forms, and documents
  • Generate documents rapidly with Merge Templates while reducing errors associated with manual creation
  • Set triggers for common tasks based on deadlines that you specify
  • Automate recurring tasks and manage emails, research notes, and calendar entries
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Internal collaboration

  • Optimize sharing of information among staff with a centralized database of matters
  • Maintain an automated record of all your work related to a case to reduce malpractice risks
  • Share calendars easily
  • Enhance communication among staff with TM Messenger
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Data access control

  • Control who can see and access information
  • Help ensure compliance with ethical and data security obligations
  • Securely share encrypted documents and PDFs online
  • Monitor activity with alerts about specific contacts or matters
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Firm Insights

  • Create custom data reports on staff performance, profitability, lead sourcing, and more
  • Utilize robust conflict-check search tools for clients, matters, and contacts


Gain up to 180 lost billable hours a year

  • Track your time better with an adaptable solution
  • Improve workflow by automating common tasks and processes
  • Save time by collaborating with your team using a single database
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PCLaw Software



With the Time Matters® Go app, you can track your billable hours and matters, and view, edit, and add to your Time Matters® calendar from your mobile device. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Time Matters® Go allows you to bill faster by associating your time to the cases, clients, and matters already in your Time Matters® system.

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LEAP software



LEAP legal practice productivity solution provides Time Matters users with the ability to:

  • Generate, send, and receive documents quickly and accurately, automatically saving them to the correct matter
  • Access 3,000+ pre-built matters and 12,000+ up-to-date automated legal forms for your jurisdiction
  • Save time drafting legal documents using the LEAP document automation system
  • Capture more billable time and seamlessly generate invoices,
  • Streamline legal accounting to get paid faster while maintaining compliance
  • Work from anywhere with the LEAP Mobile App
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Over the course of more than 30 years, Time Matters has evolved into leading law practice management software, trusted by thousands of law firms. Every element and feature of Time Matters is designed specifically with legal professionals in mind. With countless customization options, and features that seamlessly integrate with other core software programs that law firms use daily, Time Matters makes it easy to create documents, manage matters, track time, and conduct the business of law. Reduce time spent on manual processes and fixing errors, and focus on higher-value work for clients.

Other product features of Time Matters include:

  • Powerful document search features to help you quickly find keywords in documents from your firm’s document library
  • AutoEntry forms that save data-entry time and let you process repetitive tasks quickly
  • ToDos and Events help you track and manage daily tasks
  • Journals to display your contacts, emails, phone calls, outlines, documents, and notes at a glance
  • Calendar features to help schedule, organize, and maintain visibility on important events and deadlines
  • An Inactivity Watch feature to help ensure that matters and contacts have not been overlooked
  • Share documents and PDFs securely online and manage access through an integration with LawConnect
  • Record Review to track activity within your firm’s records
  • Tools to help you with legal research to facilitate collaboration, expense tracking, and maintaining a history for reference
  • Built-in features to help manage emails and attachments
  • A Billing Calendar view to help you identify unbilled hours
  • Billing Matters® functionality to receive payments, make bank deposits, create bills, manage accounts, and more

Time Matters can help your law firm achieve its goals with tools to become more efficient, effective, and successful. From organizational analysis to strategy and execution, Time Matters can support you in doing what you do best.

The PCLaw | Time Matters™ team makes continuous updates to the software, focusing on the success of law firms.

PCLaw | Time Matters users seamlessly transition to the cloud with LEAP legal practice productivity solution. Read more about the benefits of legal cloud software.

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